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As PeopleSoft technology rapidly evolves, it’s more important than ever to have an innovation advisor on your side. Whether it’s time to create a new vision or put one in place, we enable you to unlock trapped value within your organization, helping you embrace disruption and solve your toughest business problems.

True Position™ service is a critical and holistic advisory activity that provides insights and recommendations to organizations seeking to improve their workforce performance and HCM service delivery, or further leverage their HCM technology.

It is an objective, specialist assessment conducted by experienced industry professionals. We will work with you to establish your true Human Capital Management position and recommend your optimum path forward to better practice results, business value and success.

Let us help you make informed Human Capital Management strategy and technology decisions.


Outcome Driven

True Position™ service provides answers and recommendations for your pain points and solutions to get more from your existing PeopleSoft investments. A detailed report of integrated findings giving evidence-based direction and clearly documented actionable, practical, measurable solutions that can be implemented separately or as a complete program.

Proven Methodology

True Position™ service is a scalable, mature service that uses our True Position™ Framework which is a collection of tools, methodologies, and best practices to analyze targeted and interrelated areas of HCM and Technology. We work closely with you to understand your business, analyze your configuration & processes against PeopleSoft best practices.


True Position™ Benefits


Truthful and unbiased view

Provides an honest appraisal of the HCM and technology issues and opportunities.


Aligned HCM, technology and business strategies

Enables organizations understand the interconnectedness of problems and opportunities, particularly how a change will impact other components.


Informed HCM strategy, process and technology decisions

Provides a holistic and synergistic view to restore credibility and confidence, whilst effectively ensuring that decisions are made in the context of understanding the interrelations.


Targeted, efficient allocation of HCM investment spend and ROI

Helps in planning and decision-making with focused results that will deliver the biggest bang for your buck.

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For a fixed and affordable investment, the True Position™ service provides you with all the reliable insights needed to make a compelling business case for your HR technology transformation.

We tell it like it is! We promise an honest appraisal of your position and opportunity.

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