Presence of IT offers a comprehensive portfolio of training solutions to address your training needs relating to PeopleSoft enterprise application.  Our portfolio includes a variety of standard and customized training courses across PeopleSoft application and technology areas.

Our courses are instructor led and is offered remote or onsite as preferred. Our trainers are PeopleSoft consultants who bring extensive experience in product features and share practical use-cases. Such wholesome approaches enable our customers to get most value from the training courses.

Our most requested PeopleSoft Training courses include:

Course content includes

  • Introduction to PTF, architecture, terminology and installation requirements

  • Record and playback your first test script

  • PTF language basics

  • Using scroll and HTML handling features

  • Running processes and queries

  • Using data loader feature

  • Building library tests and shell tests

  • Using conditional processing in tests

  • PTF administration

  • PTF reporting

  • PTF in PUM process

  • 12 Hands on exercises to be done by each trainee

PeopleSoft Test Framework (16 hours) for functional and technical SMEs

Course content includES

Day 1 (for Functional and technical)

  • Fluid UI Basics

  • Fluid Navigation (Tiles, Homepages)

  • Fluid Portal Utilities  (Dashboards, Activity Guide)

  • Simplified Analytics

  • Fluid Forms and Approval Builder

  • Fluid Approvals (Page Composer)

Day 2 (technical only)

  • Related Event Mapping Framework

  • Building Fluid Pages and Components

  • Fluid Advanced Page Controls

  • Fluid Component Search Options

  • PeopleCode for Fluid UI

Day 3 (technical ONLY)

  • CSS in Fluid UI

  • Branding in Fluid UI (Theme Macrosets)

  • Application Data Sets and Migration Work Bench

  • Automated Configuration Manager

  • Security Deployment Tool

  • Elastic Search in Fluid

Fluid (24 hours) for functional and technical SMEs

Course content includes

  • Pivot grid fundamentals

  • Creating PS Query based Pivot Grid

  • Personalization, Related Event & Advanced Controls

  • Deploying Pivot Grids in Classic and Fluid UI

  • Pivot Grid Administration & Migration

  • Pivot Grid & Fluid Search

  • Simplified Analytics

Fluid Analytics (16 hours) for functional and technical SMEs

Course content includes

  • Introduction to PeopleSoft Query Tool & Query components

  • Basic Query Concepts

  • Advanced Query Concepts

  • Query Security and Considerations

  • Walkthrough Scenarios

  • Practice Query Creation

PeopleSoft Query

Course content includes

  • Delivered Features – Detailed walkthrough

  • Various components and how they work together

  • Understanding Bootstrap Options

  • Using Customisation YAML files

  • Delivered Puppet Components

  • Customized installations by customizing Puppet manifests

Deployment Packages (8 hours)

Course content includes

  • Evolution of Approvals in PS. Quick overview of approvals based on activities and business process definitions

  • Approval Workflow engine

    • Overview

    • Deep dive

    • Configuration options on delivered AWE definitions

    • Creating custom AWE definition bolt-on transactions

    • Hands-on (optional)

  • Delegations Framework. Overview and relation to AWE capabilities

  • Notifications. Email, worklist and push notifications

  • HTML Approvals. Overview of framework and demo of delivered transactions

  • Escalations. Delivered escalation process overview

  • Forms and approval builder framework. Delivered feature for creating forms with embedded approvals

  • Fluid Approvals

Approval Workflow Engine (8 hours) for Technical SMEs

Course content includes

  • Integration Tools Overview

  • Integration Broker Overview

  • Integration Gateway Overview

  • Creating and Managing Integration Metadata

  • Synchronous and Asynchronous Messages

  • SOAP Web Services - Examples

  • REST Web Services - Examples

  • Integration Monitoring and Administration

  • Component Interfaces (CI)

  • CI based Web Services

Integration Technology


PeopleTools Development - BASICS

  • PeopleSoft Internet Architecture (PIA) Overview

  • Designing the Application

  • Create, Update, Reuse Field Definitions

  • Creating Records, SQL Tables and Views

  • Creating Pages (Classic and Fluid)

  • XLATs, Prompts and Related Displays

  • Creating Components (Classic and Fluid)

  • Defining and Managing Search Records

  • Menu and Portal Registration

  • Assigning Application Security

  • Accessing and Testing Application

 PeopleTools Development - ADVANCED

  • PeopleSoft Scroll and Rowset Definitions

  • PeopleCode Basics

  • PeopleCode Events and Component Processor Flow

  • Peoplecode Functions and APIs

  • Application Packages Basics

  • Creating Sub Pages and Secondary Pages

  • PeopleSoft Project Definitions, Compares and Migrations

  • Related Event Mapping Framework

  • Managing Customizations Effectively

PeopleTools Development Training

  • New features applicable for all modules

  • Delta features for HR, Payroll (Global and North America), Time & Labor, Benefits Administration and Frameworks

HCM Delta training (16 hours) for functional and technical SMEs

Variety of PeopleSoft HCM module training such as Absence Management, Time & Labor, Recruiting Solutions.

Ranging from 2- 5 days

HCM Module Training