Save Money by moving to PeopleSoft Recruiting Solutions

A health care customer moved away from a SaaS Recruiting solution to PeopleSoft Recruiting solution to eliminate manual data entry and reduce costs.

“The main reason we moved to PeopleSoft (with Fluid Candidate Gateway and Fluid activity guide for Hiring Managers) was because our previous SaaS recruiting system didn’t integrate with PeopleSoft HR system at all. Since it wasn’t integrated, the Recruiters were using paper hire folders and handing them off to the HR Specialists to manually enter into PeopleSoft. Now that it’s integrated, the creation of job openings is seamless (as data is verified based on current business units, departments, and positions or job codes), and the process to hire applicants is all within the system as well. It’s a much cleaner process and new hire folders can’t go missing.”

The reduction in subscription costs, recruiting and paper filing costs per annuum $40K.