In the digital world, business and technology are inextricably linked. Keeping pace with the emerging technology landscape can be difficult for even the most tech-savvy leaders. Presence of IT can help to rethink business challenges and achieve sustainable results.  

Presence of IT can help.

Our PeopleSoft professionals have deep experience applying some of the latest technologies such as Fluid, Analytics, PUM, Cloud Manager and much more to help you achieve your business goals.



Our implementation services focus on the end result that supports business strategies through process improvement, technology innovation and enablement of people. With in-depth understanding of the PeopleSoft application, we can improve your ROI and service levels as we tailor the solution based on your unique requirements thus saving both time and money.



A True Position™ Review is a health check and involves analyzing key and interrelated areas of Business and PeopleSoft leading practices.

We provide answers and recommendations for your pain points and get more from your existing PeopleSoft investments. With the skills and expertise of our professionals we evaluate the potential effects of an interruption to critical business operations and provide balanced advice, taking into account all our clients objectives and provide solutions that elevate quality
beyond our client’s expectations.



PeopleSoft Upgrade Services – We offer meticulously designed services for rapid and predictable upgrades of PeopleSoft Applications and PeopleTools platform. Our methodology, templates and accelerators provide for cost-effective upgrade offerings. Our upgrade services range from, remote lab based technical upgrades to fully managed functional upgrades and everything in between.

  • Upgrade Assessment and Advisory

  • Technical Upgrade Services (Like-for-Like Upgrades)

  • Functional Upgrade Services (Transformational)

  • Customizations (CEMLI) Review and Upgrade

  • Upgrade Testing Services

  • Upgrade Project Management Services



Many PeopleSoft projects re-invent the wheel without taking advantage of tried and tested methods. Our rapid deployment methods, pre-built tools and accelerators for PeopleSoft are proven and they help you deliver business value faster. 


  • Payroll Verification Tool (PVT)

  • Pre-built Work Instructions for User Training

  • Customization Inventory Scripts

  • Pre-built Test Library

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You’ve invested a lot of money in your PeopleSoft solution, but it feels like you aren’t seeing the anticipated return on investment – Why?

True Position™ provides answers and recommendations to organizations seeking to improve their performance and operational service delivery using the latest Cloud-based technology. We work closely with you to understand your business, analyze your configuration & processes against PeopleSoft best practices.

We promise an honest appraisal of your business processes, technology issues and opportunities. There is no agenda behind the assessment except to ensure accurate and unbiased recommendations.


The result is a clearly documented and evidence based report with actionable, practical and measurable strategies that can be implemented separately or as a complete program to improve the value of your PeopleSoft investment.


service features


QA & test automation

In addition to deploying PeopleSoft Test Framework (PTF) with a sample suite of test scripts, we have invested in our own QA Test Automation Tool to especially assist with Payroll Regression Testing, Parallel Payroll Testing and Data Reconciliation.  

It will reduce your testing effort by 50%. Watch a quick demo of our Payroll Verification Tool:


Project Portal

The Project Portal is Presence of IT's own dynamic workbench.  It is a unique, 100% digitally enabled, project delivery system.  Presence of IT's Project Portal is included with project delivery, ensuring seamless, transparent and cost effective deployment.  

You can easily view the Project Progress, Timeline, Defects, Risks and Issues at a glance using our built-in dashboards.



Let us show you the power of PeopleSoft Consulting Services!