Migrate PeopleSoft HCM for Hosting in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

Presence of IT successfully transitioned a private non-profit organization from a third party vendor cloud to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). The migration to OCI was performed over a 3 month period.

The following benefits were achieved by the customer:

  • Cost Reduction

    A direct reduction in ongoing hosting costs as a result of lower OCI (vs a third-party hosting platform) across storage, CPU etc. Additionally, PeopleSoft Cloud Manager can now be leveraged to automate the majority of the life cycle management activities like patching and upgrading PeopleSoft HCM. This provides further opportunity to reduce ongoing costs when running PeopleSoft systems on OCI over traditional practices.

  • Enhanced Security

    All of the customer's PeopleSoft data stored within any of the OCI data services (Block Volumes, Object Storage, File Storage etc) is now protected via encryption at rest.

  • Smooth & Fast Transition

    Lift & Shift a copy of PeopleSoft HCM Production and rehosting all required Non-Production & Production instances on the Oracle Cloud within 3 months.

  • Better Application Performance

    Improved application performance response times under load.

  • Improved DevOps Service

    Quicker operational turnaround for DevOps service requests such as increasing storage capacity due to database growth, provisioning new instances for on-demand environments, configuring load balancer changes and more. For example, the time for provisioning a new server for a new PeopleSoft on-demand instance has reduced from 8 days via third-party hosting provider to 1 day on OCI.