Fast and Efficient vendor registration through PeopleSoft Supplier Onboarding

Large commercial airline was on-boarding well over 100 vendors a month.  This process required multiple internal teams administering the process with complex internal approvals.

Efficient Payroll Processing using Payroll Workcenter (Fluid)

An organization in the tourism sector with 6,000 employees deployed the Fluid Payroll Workcenter for North American Payroll.

Selective Adoption Made Faster with Oracle Cloud

A medium size Higher Education institution benefited from leveraging Oracle Cloud PeopleSoft HCM Demonstration instance from Oracle Cloud Marketplace to identify the benefits and estimate costs to deploy Fluid Candidate Gateway from 2 days of release to the market.

Save money with Guided Self Service

A Higher Education customer with nearly 7,000 employees, deployed Guided Self Service to automate 11 HR transactions.

Employees and Line Managers Save Time with Fluid UI

A Higher Education customer with nearly 10,000 employees, deployed Fluid across PeopleSoft HR, Payroll, Absence Management, Time & Labor and Talent Management.

Integrate and Reduce Cost with PeopleSoft Recruiting Solutions

A medium size Higher Education organization transitioned from a SaaS recruiting system that was integrated with the PeopleSoft HCM system to PeopleSoft Recruiting solutions in 2016.


Deploy Fluid in 8 weeks

A Utilities customer with nearly 2,000 employees, deployed Fluid for PeopleSoft HCM and PeopleSoft Expenses.

Save money by moving to PeopleSoft Recruiting Solutions

A healthcare customer moved away from a SaaS Recruiting solution to PeopleSoft Recruiting solution to eliminate manual data entry and reduce costs.

Decustomize and simplify upgrades with Guided Self Service

A natural resource customer with nearly 15,000 employees, deployed Guided Self Service to automate a number of heavily custom processes that have been in the PeopleSoft HCM system for over a decade.

Lift and Shift to Oracle Cloud in less than 7 working days

A large Financial Services customer provisioned a DEV/TEST instance in the Oracle Public Cloud to transition a copy of their PeopleSoft HCM Production instance to apply a tax patch for major legislative change test cycle.

Best practice in performance Management

A highly innovative University with nearly 10K employees deployed PeopleSoft ePerformance across Academic and Professional staff in less than 3 months.

Gain Agility for your next PeopleSoft Project with Oracle Cloud

A large Higher Education client was unable to deploy Guided Self Service for Position Management due to being on a lower version of PeopleTools.

Modernized Talent Acquisition using Fluid UI and Recruitment Analytics

An organization in global tourism sector with 6,000 employees, modernized their recruitment function with deployment of Fluid Candidate Gateway, Recruiting Homepage and Recruiting Analytics. Within a short time their talent acquisition team has achieved significant productivity gains and usability improvements.



Multiple large customers have benefited from our reconciliation tool for PeopleSoft Single Touch Payroll (STP).

Migrate PeopleSoft HCM for Hosting in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

Presence of IT successfully transitioned a private non-profit organization from a third party vendor cloud to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). The migration to the OCI was performed over a 3 month period.