We run an instructor led course that progress through the creation of the AI/Cloud technology stack, the key interface components and how these interact with Chatbots.  We also review the PeopleSoft technology and how this can be used to provide a rich experience during the Chatbot conversation, using examples to illustrate these capabilities.


We assist you to build a reliable and strong business case for Chatbots that facilitates an evidence based and transparent decision-making process in your organization. We help in identifying the opportunities, cost savings and risks involved in enabling digital customer service using Chatbots in your line of business and help put them into perspective of the investment involved. This will ensure the resultant project is planned realistically and delivered successfully.


Our Chatbots for Peoplesoft are powered using Oracle Digital Assistant (ODA), a cloud-based platform-as-a-service (PAAS) offering from Oracle. ODA provides the platform and tools to build, deploy and manage AI-powered digital assistants (Chatbots) that can seamlessly connect your backend systems like PeopleSoft to the leading social channels to interact with your users.

We offer comprehensive services to get you up and running with ODA platform for your Chatbot needs,

  • Create and setup your account with ODA platform

  • Train your team on building and managing Chatbots using ODA platform

  • Link ODA based Chatbots to the social channels of your choice to support your end-users

  • Interface ODA with your PeopleSoft and other backend systems to service your Chatbots


For Chatbots to be effective in servicing your users, they must seamlessly integrate with PeopleSoft application to both retrieve and update information. We offer secure pre-built interfaces between your Chatbot platform and PeopleSoft,

  • To authenticate users based on their account and security in PeopleSoft

  • Retrieve information from PeopleSoft relevant to user questions E.g. Check Leave Balance

  • Update information in PeopleSoft based on user intentions E.g. Submit Leave Request



Our Chatbots help users accomplish tasks through natural language conversations, without having to login and navigate through PeopleSoft application. We have a pre-built library of Chatbots for PeopleSoft HR application to support specific business functions that frequently require users to interact with your Level 1 Help Desk team. Our Chatbots gives a head start in digital transformation as they have been designed, created and tested using our years of experience in supporting PeopleSoft business processes.

  • Our Chatbots are trained with a wide range of “Intents” (actions) and “Utterances” (ways to action) so it can easily identify and resolve the various ways the users interact in their natural conversations.

  • They are designed to process and respond to comprehensive set of questions (FAQs) in specific context to the business function they support.  They have fine-tuned “dialog flow” to have a smart and engaging conversation that lead users toward achieving their outcomes in the shortest time possible.


Let us show you the power of PeopleSoft managed in the Cloud!