Best Practice in Performance Management

A highly innovative University with nearly 10K employees deployed PeopleSoft ePerformance across Academic and Professional staff in less than 3 months.

The objective on why they were deploying PeopleSoft ePerformance was clearly defined and it was championed at the highest levels within the organization.

It was to TRULY DEVELOP talent in the organization. They were not interested in deploying a technical solution that was simply going to capture an annual performance outcome.

The PeopleSoft ePerformance application was an enabler / reminder for the Manager and Employee on when they should meet and how frequently they needed to meet. The PeopleSoft ePerformance application was used to provide transparency of that interaction and as an opportunity to document an outcome of the actions that were then re-assessed on a continuous basis at the next interaction point.

Success is measured not by the number of ePerformance documents that was created nor by what has been completed, but by the Participation Rates.

In its Year 1 of launch, they were pleasantly surprised by the cultural change that ePerofrmance was able to enable in encouraging Manager and Employees to talk more frequently on their development outcomes.